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Buffy vs The Deadliest Catch

My wife and I were debating what to watch on Netflix.

– I want to watch Buffy!
– But I want to watch The Deadliest Catch!
– No, Buffy!
– No. Deadliest Catch!

My wife won. So we were watching The Deadliest Catch. On the plus side, I got to draw boats while “watching”.

Fishing vessel marker illustration

Fishing vessel a la The Deadliest Catch

Fishing vessel marker illustration

Fishing vessel a la The Deadliest Catch

Constitution day weekend in Oslo

Paradisbukta marker sketch

Paradisbukta at Bygdøy

Over the long weekend, the weather was beautiful, the wife had a friend visiting and we got around Oslo a little. The beaches at Bygdøy were full of people bathing in the sun and in the, by most accounts, still cold water.

Brenneriveien near KEM, Oslo - marker sketch


I also got to visit the art supply store KEM where I picked up a few discount markers. Since the ladies went shopping I had time to sit propped up against some of the great graffiti and sketch the opposite view. Several tourists came by and took photos of each other against the wall I was next to.

Spring is here

Tree hut marker illustration

Spring tree hut

Well actually, it has been here for at least a week, but since tomorrow is Constitution Day in Norway and that usually (not always) properly marks the arrival of spring, today is probably a good day for this illustration.

I think I only built a tree hut once when I was a kid.

Joel Åkerman

Hotel lobby sketch by Joel Åkerman

Hotel lobby sketch by Joel Åkerman

These sketches are done by Joel, whom I had the pleasure to work and hang out with in Funcom while he was Art Director on The Secret World. On a few occasions, both in Beijing and Montreal, we have sat and sketched together. These first ones are from the bar of Hotel Crown Plaza in Beijing.

Hotel bar sketch by Joel Åkerman

Hotel bar sketch by Joel Åkerman

Joel does such observation sketches with a black Sharpie, if I remember correctly – though on the one below from McGill University I think I can see some areas where he quickly borrowed one of my Copics.

McGill University sketch by Joel Åkerman

McGill University sketch by Joel Åkerman

He has a good eye for where to mark the transition from light to shadow, something that is always tricky when working only with a black / white contrast. James Gurney has a good post on that here.

Park sketch by Joel Åkerman

Park sketch by Joel Åkerman

Joel is now Associate Art Director for EA in Gothenburg, and he still seems to put things up on his portfolio site, so head over and have a look!

Digging machine concepts

Digging machine concept sketch in marker

Digging machine concept sketches

These are sketches from when I worked on Anarchy Online. I remember wishing we had gone for the top one, rather than the bottom one. I’d still like to model the top one and put it into a game.

Robot sketches

Robot marker concept sketches by OJ Kielland

Robot marker sketches

Here are some robots! Although the one on the left has a lot of random bulky shapes that don’t really do anything, I do like that it has a bell helmet. The two others are clearly just a cute couple.

Eric Canete

Marker illustration by Eric Canete

Marker illustration by Eric Canete

Eric Canete is an illustrator, designer and storyboard artist who has worked on animation features such as Aeon Flux and Tron: Uprising, as well as being an accomplished comic artist.

Marker illustration by Eric Canete

Marker illustration by Eric Canete

He is featured on Copic Markers’ website, and it’s easy to see why. His figures are active and dynamic and clearly reflects his comics and animation background. But what I enjoy the most is the contrast in his marker renderings. The values really go all the way from dark to light with great control, and that is admirable with a medium where what’s put down, stays.

Marker illustration by Eric Canete

Marker illustration by Eric Canete

Go see lots more at his own blog:

Diana Mini and origami crane

Diana Mini and origami crane marker illustration by OJ Kielland

Diana Mini and origami crane

I bought my Diana Mini out of necessity when I was in Beijing a few years ago, as my digital camera decided to finally stop working on the very first day of my stay there.

I had only been walking around Sanlitun for an hour when I saw the Lomography store, and realised here was my chance to not miss any more photo opportunities. At less than $100, including a few rolls of film, it seemed worth it at the time, and it absolutely was.

I have knocked this poor thing around quite a bit, but the simple plastic construction just won’t break. Apart from the lens cap, which I lost on the third day, of course.

Though I have to admit, sharing photos takes me a while – I am pretty sure I still have a roll or two of film shot about a year ago.

The above illustration was a result of me feeling like drawing something boxy, and when I needed something more on the page I resorted to origami, which I had just been busy with at work. I guess it turned into a proper hipster sketch.